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Jessica Larson


Certified Life Coach
Reiki Practitioner
Intuitive Healer


​My awakening journey began back in 2016. I was "happily" married, had a great job, and an overall "happy life". At a surface level, I was happy. But deep down, I was yearning for more. I was unsettled, I was discontent, I was anxious, and I was a slave to chronic overthinking. I couldn't stop thinking, "There has to be more than this". I couldn't stop asking; Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is happiness? How do I find peace?


One day, I realized that enough was enough and I needed to make some major changes in my life. I took a leap into the unknown and walked away from my marriage, and essentially my entire life my as I knew it.

I embarked on an intense journey of the soul; to heal, to discover myself, and to find meaning.


I started by exploring  many different healing modalities; plant medicine, meditation, energy work, and everything else in between. 

I pushed myself to go deeper than I ever have and  in doing so, I reconnected with my soul. I stepped back into my power. I fell in love with myself. I learned what true forgiveness looks like. I embraced my shadows.  I discovered joy. I created my own version of heaven on earth. I realized that I am powerful enough to heal myself and powerful enough to create my reality. 

Once I tapped into this and  began to experience what living in bliss is like, I realized that it is not only my soul's purpose, but it is my duty to dedicate my life to helping people reconnect with their soul, discover true bliss, and remember how powerful we truly are." 

​I believe that we all have the power within us to be our own healer and our own guide. I am just here to help you discover this and uncork your true potential. 

"Healers are not holy beings sent down from the light, they emerge from the darkness after learning how to heal and radiate the glow of transformation."


Brian Eremita

Within his first few months of his new career as a civil engineer 2006, Brian dreamt of more.  He knew that the rest of his life was not to be spent in an office; he felt called to explore, to study, to travel, to grow, to heal.  So, for 10 years, he did both; Brian worked as an engineer while exploring every chance he had, sometimes taking 6 months to 2 years away from his career to do so.  Towards the end of 2017, with a very strong nudge from kambo, Brian left his career as an engineer and stepped into being fully committed to a life of freedom, joy, and service.  

Brian's passions and experiences have led him to apprentice with deeply rich teachers and study practices that have been profoundly influential in his life.  He is an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner, kambo facilitator, breathwork facilitator, myofacial release bodywork therapist, and Wim Hof Instructor in-training (complete in Jan 2022).  He enjoys climbing, handbalancing, nature,  

Get in Touch

John Dahlgren is Life Coach, an award winning Photographer and Documentary Filmmaker, best known for directing the film series The Human Longevity Project, which studied the regions with the longest living people. 

It was during the filming of the Human Longevity Project when I first really began to embody the proven facets that make us (me) happy. Things like connection to community, simplifying, gratitude practice, eating real food, movement, meditation, communing with nature. 

Once I began implementing these components handed down by the folks I interviewed for the documentary project, I soon felt a calling to explore more about my spiritual path, and what that even meant. 

The opportunity presented itself for me to sit with a plant medicine for the first time, and I took it. At that point I had not tried any other plant medicines, but that one night changed everything in my life. In just one night, everything was different. There was no going back to the way things looked and felt. This was a good thing, because everything was so much more vivid and beautiful. Like I had been wearing a pair of black and white glasses my entire life, and then they were removed. 

Since that magical night, I have journeyed with other plant medicines. I have seen my anxiety go from about an eight to a two. I have seen my confidence go from a three to a nine. I get asked over and over from long time friends “What’s going on with you? Where is this glow coming from?”

 I have untangled many webs, discovered and healed traumas, become magnetic, learned what it means to be of service to others, and so much more. I credit so much of my growth to plant medicines and having the right guidance and coaching to along with it. 

I feel that so many people are suffering, stuck, and hopeless. I have facilitated and coached many people through plant medicine experience and have witnessed an incredible amount of transformation. Helping others pull back the veil and see that happiness is possible through these various plant medicines has become a passion of mine. 

I am here to serve you on your journey, however that looks. It could just be learning more about plant medicines, or what to expect, what’s possible for you and your healing, what does a ceremony consist of, how to prepare, and how to ingrate after. Wherever you are on your path, I would love to meet you there!

Integration Coach

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John Dahlgren

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